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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Slime / Semiliquid
    Plains, grasslands, etc.
    Simple, docile
    Men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    2007? (Art Updated: June 22, 2008)
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Slime

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Semi-liquid monsters that mostly live in plains, grasslands etc. near towns. Their blue, half-transparent bodies are flexible, and can change into various forms. They are intelligent enough to speak, but their thoughts are simple, and they instinctively wander around in search of human men who will end up as their prey.

    A slime that has divided and produced a child. The child slime is just like the mother slime even as far as having a love for sex with men.

    When they spot a man, they extend their body and seize him, sealing his movement. They then ingest semen and the like from the man's body in a manner that appears almost like sexual intercourse. They can milk semen using any part of their body; a captured man will be enveloped by the entire slime and given rapturous pleasure.

    As they store up nutrients, the excess portion of their body that doesn't form the shape of a woman will accumulate under their feet. Once it increases above a certain amount, the slime will divide, giving birth to a little slime that looks just like herself. Right after birth a slime's head is full of thoughts of feeding, and she'll immediately have sex with her father who is right before her eyes. Until the little slime grows a certain size, she will cling to her mother's excess part, and continue ingesting semen from her father together with her mother.

    Because of their simple structure, slimes are extremely adaptable. Also, because they are easily influenced by magical energy and the environment, they evolve and transform in various corresponding ways, so there are numerous subspecies. These include red slimes, which are a higher-rank variety, queen slimes, which are a variety of bloated mutants, bubble slimes, which have been strongly influenced by the environment in which they live, and dark slimes.

    It is also said that by continuing to have sex with a human man, or moving to live in another land, they can even change into another slime family monster.

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