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    Book informations[edit]

    Refer to: Monster Girl Encyclopedia II

    The Realm of Ice and Monsters (p. 78 - p. 79)[edit]

    Monsters hold absolute dominion in environments harsh to humans. Much as in the realm of fire, monsters adapted to cold and snow live on the fields and mountains that are covered year-round by snow and ice. These monsters have characteristics that differ from those ordinarily found among monsters—and as a result, relate differently to humans.

    Monsters That Melt Ice[edit]

    Among monsters that live in the snow, there are races that have such high body temperatures and exceptional thermoregulation that the cold bothers them not. There are also races that somehow generate heat or draw it in from outside, races that are themselves composed of snow or ice—and so forth. All, however, are extremely cold-resistant and can operate with ease in even the most frigid of temperatures.

    The key characteristic of such monsters is that they are—for the most part—less violent than other kinds. They are unlikely to attack humans without provocation. These races also tend to be kind and warm-hearted —rather unlike the snow and ice that blanket their lands. They wander through the wintry landscape in search of human men—not to attack them, but to warm and aid those traveling through the mountains, and to make sure that no one is in trouble. Therefore, the more cold, blizzard-swept, and dangerous the climate is for humans, the more active it is with monsters looking for men. The magic that enwreathes them possesses a warmth that protects men from the cold. That said, these monsters will aid anyone they find in distress, man or woman.

    Though monsters of the snow are not hurt or constrained by the cold, they can still perceive it. Strong winds imbued with the power of ice elementals, or wild flurries of snow, will freeze a monster's heart first and foremost–assailing them with a sense of isolation and anguish. The extreme climate causes them to long without end for the warmth of humanity and the touch of manhood. As a result, when such a monster obtains a man, she will likely spend the entire day joining her body with his so that they can share each other's warmth and no longer feel alone. It is warmth that fills these monsters' hearts. As such, they tend to strongly favor behaviors that remind them of love — such as the whispering of amorous words — regardless of whether sexual activity is involved.

    The frozen body of a human man will be warmed and soothed by the heat of such monsters' intimacy. When he becomes an incubus, he is able to maintain the bodily fervor granted to him by his partner and her mana, which dwells within him. By copulating with her and forever basking in the afterglow of her body, he becomes capable of operating in cold and blizzards, just as she can—climes a mere human could not withstand.

    People Huddling in Snow[edit]

    While the teachings of the Order have spread to such harsh, snowy regions, the first concern of the humans there is not the monsters who never attack, but the cold and storms that constantly assail them. Therefore, even an anti-monster state in such a region will rarely take the initiative to combat them. In fact, given the environment and the warmth provided by its monsters, more and more states are becoming pro-monster, choosing to live with them. Life in such states seems to be quite cozy, as the people snuggle up to their natural heaters.

    Cults that follow gods other than the Chief God are also prominent. Bacchus, god of wine, is a popular deity of worship due to the cultural practice of attaining warmth through drinking. Eros, the goddess of love, is also a favorite because the monsters like to remind people of love. Churches devoted to these gods can be found in major cities, and those suffering from the freezing cold can visit these establishments and receive wine or a warm room with entertainment from a monster. Until fairly recently, it was difficult to even get from one place to the other in these regions. But monsters have helped change this by aiding with the development of these locales. Thanks to beautiful fields of luminous white, statues and structures made of ice, as well as the warm hospitality of the monsters, many of these areas have become popular tourist destinations. Quite a few monsters say that it is their dream to have a wedding in one of the land's Erotist churches.

    Deeper in the mountains lies the palace of ice, where live the ice queens. Thus, as one proceeds into the mountains, the storms and winds grow more fierce, and the land becomes progressively more inhospitable to humans. As described earlier, though, incubi can live with their monstrous companions in the mountains. There are also monsters, such as wendigos (p. 164), that live there in obscure, isolated villages.

    The Palace of Ice[edit]

    In the deepest part of the mountains lies the beautiful and august palace of ice, sparkling full of mana and crafted from translucent frozen water. The only ones who live there are the ice queens, who rule over the world of ice, and the queens servants—the ice elementals born of their power, the glacies.

    Sometimes adventurers come seeking items unique to the palace of ice and its environs. One such item is the "perpetual ice," which can remain unthawed even in a volcano. Another is the "rose of ice," an object so beautiful it steals the hearts of all who see it. Elementalists visit the palace of ice as well, looking to make contract with ice elementals. However, the palace is always surrounded by the queens' frigid winds, which rile up violent storms. As a result, few humans manage to get close to the palace—most collapse on the road and are taken in and cared for by monsters.

    As noted before, the queens' winds freeze even the hearts of snow monsters. As such, almost no one gets near the palace, whose expansive interior is always filled with silence. That said, there are cases in which a glacies' husband lives in the wintry residence. Thus, if one pricks one's ears, heated moans—a sound most incongruous with the palace of ice—can sometimes be heard coming from the chambers in which a glacies and her husband forever lie.


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