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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Fiend
    Monster Realm
    Men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    July 27, 2008
    (Art Updated: April 8, 2009) (First known drafts: September 22, 2007)
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Succubus

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A greater fiend possessing extremely powerful abilities that lives in Monster Realms, they are called Succubi. They appear in various places in search of human men, even outside of Monster Realms. Some of them also assume a human form and take up residence in human settlements. The majority of the monsters that have changed into the form of a woman and begun feeding on human essence have done so due to the influence of the current Monster Lord, however, the succubi are a race that have always had the form of a woman and fed on essence, even ages ago.

    In order to meet the desire of a wide variety of types of men, they range from having full, voluptuous bodies, to having bodies that stay like that of a child and never grow. Despite the variations, all are beautifully lewd, arousing the desire of men. Just as their appearances vary greatly, so too do their personalities, but every succubus has in common being extremely lustful and dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure.

    They have powerful magic, but nearly all of it is used for seducing men. Whenever they find a human man, they use charm spells, their gorgeous bodies, and various means to seduce him, and gain essence through sex. Every aspect of the succubus is designed to enable her to bewilder men. Few, if any, would be able to elude the temptation, save for those men who possess truly remarkable willpower. After gaining essence, if they fancy a man, they’ll bring him back to their residence in a Monster Realm.

    Also, they do attack human women as well. In that case, they pour their mana into their partners through sex, and change them into succubi like themselves. Humans who have just barely been changed into succubi are called Lesser Succubi. Additionally, succubi can transform men as well. Through intercourse with a succubus, eventually a man will become full of mana.

    Such a man will have heightened sexual desire, and produce a high volume of essence to offer to the succubus. They end up becoming beings that are extremely lustful towards the succubi. Once this happens, they are no longer normal humans, but beings known as incubi whose very lives are fueled by the mana gained through sex with the succubus. After becoming like this, one would be left with no choice other than to continue having intercourse with them for the rest of his days.

    Furthermore, the current Monster Lord who changed all of the monsters into having the form of a woman is a kind of succubus. In the era of the former Monster Lords, the succubi were merely a medium ranked race of demons, but thanks to the rise of the current Monster Lord, the rank for all the succubi has gone up greatly.

    When the current Monster Lord took over, the values of the monsters changed, and having sex with humans became the most important thing. So techniques for seducing and pleasing men, and the like, have mostly become more valued than raw fighting abilities. That is why the monsters acknowledge them as superior.

    Through the influence of the Monster Lord, the appearances of all the monsters have greatly changed. All of the wicked and war-like monsters have instead become lewd, and lustful. When the Beastmen come into heat, they seek human men. Many of the monsters have started to enjoy intercourse with humans for the sheer pleasure of it, even when it isn’t necessary for feeding or reproduction.

    All of these changes were fundamentally influenced by the nature of the succubi. At present, it would be fair to say that the succubi are representative of all monsters.

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