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    Succubus Notebook
    Book Information
    Release Date
    August 13th (Comiket 92)[1]
    Publishing Circle
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Kenkou Cross[1]
    Page Count
    Yes, primary universe.

    Succubus Notebook (サキュバス・ノート)[1], is a supplementary book in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series discussing the Succubus race in greater detail than previously provided in their encyclopedia profile page. The Wandering Scholar is attributed as the in-universe author, with this manuscript being published before Monster Girl Encyclopedia I. The book was announced via a post on Kenkou's twitter account.[1]

    The Succubus[edit]

    A type of fiend who seduce and have sex with human men that are called “succubi”.[3][4] As for their appearance, they look like women or little girls who possess devilish beauty, and they are endowed with an abundance of magical power and extremely high sexual abilities.

    They live by sustaining themselves on “essence” which is obtained through sexual intercourse with human men, and also require human men for reproduction. In this way, since they are beings whose vital activities are entirely rooted in sexual intercourse with human men, the desire for sex and pleasure is the basis of their thinking and moral values, and they are an extremely lustful and lascivious race. Not only are they physically beautiful, everything from their gestures to their voices will charm a man and inflame his lust. Since they live to provoke men into having sex with them, after initially being spotted by a succubus,[3][4] should a man be tempted, escape will probably be impossible.

    The power that a succubus[3][4] possesses is exhibited most during sexual intercourse with a man. The body and sexual techniques which a succubus[3][4] is innately endowed with to wring out more essence from humans will induce in men a pleasure that could never be obtained with a human partner, so a man can easily be made to indulge in sex with a succubus.[3][4] And then, once a man's body and heart are both hers, she'll make a husband of him, and they'll spend days of endless pleasure together.

    Succubi were formerly more or less mid rank demons, but the current mamono lord is a succubus who possesses tremendous power, and since the mamono lord arose from among them, the succubi have become high rank demons and the race that represents monsters. Currently, due to the fact that the mamono lord's power is shared with them, all of the monsters are endowed with the nature of a succubus,[3][4] but since the succubi are exactly succubi[3][4] themselves, and have required human men to sustain themselves and reproduce since the ancient era, it can be said that they are the race who possesses that power most strongly.

    The Power Possessed by Succubi[edit]

    Succubi, who sustain themselves through sexual intercourse, are experts when it comes to seduction and pleasure. Presently, monsters universally possess the nature of a succubus,[3][4] and all of the races do possess the charm to enthrall men and entice them into sex, but even among them, the power of the succubi, the original succubi,[3][4] stands out as exceptionally superior. The forms of the voluptuous beautiful women and adorable little girls of the succubi[3][4] are accentuated by a bewitching, superhuman charm and sensual allure. Just by facing men, they arouse in them wicked feelings and bring about powerful lust, and even women who are the same sex will likely suffer from a lecherous mood. Furthermore, it's not just their appearance. All of the gestures and words they direct towards men are enchanting and serve as weapons to fan the flames of men's desire. Just by existing, succubi[3][4] create an indecent atmosphere, and when a great number of succubi[3][4] gather in one place, it will be enveloped in an open, sensual ambiance which will lead tempted men into a world of pleasure.

    As a race adept at manipulating pleasure, the succubi are innately and instinctively endowed with techniques for providing pleasure to the human body and mind. By touching their partners, they can produce pleasure as they see fit. When she touches the body of a man, even the innocent touch of a succubus'[3][4] child will change into a skillful and indecent caress, inducing pleasure in the man.

    And it's not just their hands. It's the same when they rub their succubus'[3][4] body against a man's body or crawl all over a man's body with their succubus'[3][4] tongue. If a succubus gets her hands on a man, it's even possible for her to induce orgasm without even touching his penis.

    Also, when continuously subjected to the pleasure induced by the sexual techniques of a succubus,[3][4] instead of getting used to it, one's sexual sensitivity will increase, and one will keep feeling the pleasure induced by the succubus[3][4] even more strongly. Even when dealing with a partner who had weak or no sexual sensitivity to begin with, when a succubus[3][4] touches their body and keeps teasing it, it causes sexual sensitivity to awaken, and their body keeps developing to be even more erotically sensitive. In this manner, succubi cause men to drown in sex with succubi.[3][4]

    Since it is in the nature of a succubus to steal a human man's heart, they excel in the ability to detect the subtleties of their partner's emotions. They sense lust and arousal particularly sharply. If one were to experience sexual interest or arousal towards a succubus,[3][4] it would be impossible to hide.

    For example, even if one just caught a quick glimpse of their breasts, and even if one just had designs for them deep down inside, it would not escape the notice of the succubi.[3][4] Additionally, they're also keenly perceptive when it comes to romantic feelings. If they find a man and woman with feelings for each other, meddling and leading them to have an indecent relationship is also one of the joys of the succubi.[3][4]

    Succubus' Physical Abilities and Combat[edit]

    Since they are monsters, they possess strength incongruent with their external appearance to such a degree that once they pin down an average human man, he won't be able to pull them off, but for a monster they aren't a race that has particularly high physical abilities. Since they possess relatively high intelligence and mamono mana, they are generally known as a race whose forte is magic.

    However, they have diversified due to the explosive growth of their population after the ascension of the current mamono lord, and furthermore, there are “former human” warriors and heroes who were monsterized into succubi, so presently, there are also many individuals who excel in melee combat instead of just magic, and within the race, abilities now vary quite substantially on an individual basis.

    Due to their high intelligence and abundant mamono mana, they're able to cast a variety of spells, but they usually use that high mamono mana almost entirely on “charm spells” to flaunt their own attractiveness to men and enthrall them, or on the sort of spells that increase sexual sensitivity, enhancing the pleasure of sex with their husband. The succubi are mostly a race that prefers not to fight, but once a battle occurs, many of them excel in a fighting style that involves fending off their opponents' attacks and rendering them powerless to draw the fight into the field of their own specialty. In other words, by using spells that diminish their opponent's fighting spirit and spells that prevent the impact of anything but pleasure, etc., nullifying their opponent's attacks, and before you know it, they'll have their own body wrapped around their opponent's, and drag them into the world of sex and pleasure, which is the arena where a succubus[3][4] dominates. As for the succubus'[3][4] fighting style, it's based on the moral principle that opponents are to be pleasured rather than harmed, but from an observer's point of view, unfortunately it may even look like they're fighting in a way that mocks their opponent.

    A Succubus' Body and Bodily Functions[edit]

    Other than having the appearance of a demon, succubi look relatively close to human women, but their nature is incredibly different from human nature. A succubus'[3][4] body always maintains a beautiful, sensual condition, and their looks never decline with age. It's also said a little filth will be removed by mana, and no matter what sort of place or environment they're in, their beauty will never be harmed. Succubi[3][4] thrive on sex, and while their body's sense of pain is dull, the sense that feels sexual pleasure is extremely developed. The pleasure that a succubus'[3][4] body can obtain through sex is something so powerful that if a human were to experience it, they'd either lose consciousness or become unable to think normally, but a succubus[3][4] has a mind that can enjoy it. Moreover, not just their vagina, but their entire body is endowed with sexual sensitivity, and a succubus'[3][4] body is made so that even just by taking a penis inside their mouth, or squeezing it between their breasts, they receive tremendous pleasure. Furthermore, it seems they're always engulfed in exaltation with a pleasant rush of blood to the head, and apparently, compared to humans, their body temperature is a bit higher, so it feels warm when one hugs them.

    The bodies of monsters have become specialized for effectively providing a man pleasure and milking essence. Succubi[3][4] thrive on sex, and their body is even more remarkable. We can say that they are beings whose entire body is an organ for milking essence and providing men pleasure. A succubus'[3][4] vagina behaves as if it clearly has a mind of its own, pleasuring a man to spur ejaculation. The mucus membrane engulfs the penis and pulses, and a man will easily be brought to ejaculation from the inhuman pleasure.

    In synch with ejaculation, it will suck in the penis even more deeply as if to not let even a single drop get away, and it will move, stroking the penis until the very end as if to completely suck up even all of the semen that's accumulated deep inside. Due to that, ejaculating inside a succubus'[3][4] vagina will result in the release of such a huge volume of semen that it's incomparable to the situation of being with a human woman, or masturbation, etc. Along with a lengthy ejaculation, a man will experience a feeling like he's being completely sucked dry, and they say it's even possible for an additional climax and ejaculation to occur while in the middle of ejaculation.

    A succubus'[3][4] mouth is for taking in and sucking a penis. Compared to humans, they have longer tongues, and just like their vagina, it has a mucus membrane that will provide pleasure by pulsing in synch with the penis taken inside. Sweet saliva is also secreted that functions as an aphrodisiac for humans.

    If they squeeze the penis in their smooth palms, a succubus'[3][4] skin will greedily suck on it and caress it. If they put the penis between their voluptuous breasts, just like with their vagina, there will be pressure as if the penis is being held inside, and they will softly change shape to bring a man to ejaculation.

    Since they sustain themselves with men's essence, not only the vagina and mouth, but any place on their whole body is also capable of absorbing essence with high efficiency and is equipped with a “sense of taste” for tasting essence. It goes without saying for the vagina and mouth, which are the places where a monster can taste essence most deliciously, but they can even deliciously absorb essence released in their breasts or hands, etc. Also, “mana”, which is the vital energy possessed by living things, is most highly concentrated in men's semen, but it's also contained in sweat, saliva, etc., and it is also something that is naturally continuously released from a man's body, though only in minuscule amounts. That is to say, although the best treat for the succubi[3][4] is when semen is ejaculated by their husband, the very act of joining together in sexual intercourse is itself a feeding activity in which they can deliciously devour their husband, and to state it further, even just by snuggling up to their husband and spending time with him, they can get a great feeling of ecstasy and satisfaction.

    Succubi have devilish horns, tails, and wings. The shape of the horns on a succubus' head vary on an individual basis, but many of them have twisted horns. Among them, there are some who even have horns with a dangerous looking shape that appears sharp-pointed, but they are wrapped in protective mana so that they won't accidentally harm a man during sex, so there is no danger. Long, long ago, atrocious demons flaunted their power by having more sinister and wicked horns, but they say succubi[3][4] have them as a vestige simply because they derived from demons. Their horns don't have a sense of pain, but they do have a sense of touch, and according to the succubi, especially when stroked by the man who became their husband, it causes the inside of their head to feel “fluffy”, and it seems that it feels very good. They say that if their horns are squeezed by their husband when they're taking his penis in their mouth, the inside of their head turns to mush, and they can no longer think of anything but pleasure and the penis before their eyes. Since, no matter how strong-willed an individual she may be, most of the time a succubus in this state will single-mindedly focus on servicing the penis, at a glance, one might be given the impression that she has become submissive towards the man. However, in actuality, it's just like she's in a state where everything else is invisible to her, and she ends up attacking the man because the “succubus'[3][4] instinct” focuses all her thoughts and consciousness solely on pleasuring the partner before her eyes and milking his essence.

    Their tails generally have a heart-like shape, and when succubi[3][4] experience arousal and desire towards men, their tails waggle in an alluring manner as if to express those feelings. As usual, its sense of pain is dull, but it is an erogenous zone that reacts extremely sensitively when touched, and it's even more sensitive the closer it is to the tip or base, and when squeezed in the hands or taken inside the mouth, the pleasure is said to be equivalent to having the same thing performed on a penis. When corrupting human women, they use it for things like binding a woman by wrapping their long tail around her, or rubbing against her to produce pleasure. On the other hand, the act of wrapping their tail around a man is proof of profound love. A succubus would only gently wrap it around her husband or the man she's considering making into her husband, and wouldn't intentionally let another man touch it. Conversely, when a man touches an unmarried succubus' tail, it will be interpreted by the succubus[3][4] as an invitation for sex to bring the relationship to a deeper level. Touching the heart-shaped tip area is a thing which is equivalent to courtship behavior and a marriage proposal to a succubus.[3][4]

    Since they have wings, they have the ability to fly, but because of their size and structure, their flying ability is inferior compared to that of races that specialize in flight such as “dragons”, “harpies”, and so on, yet it is said that the way they look when they're shaking their hips as they fly is obscenely beautiful and can stir up men's lust. The distinguishing characteristic of monsters classified as inma is that they have wings growing from around their hips. The “hips” are the axis of their body that is heavily used during sex, and in line with this, their wings are also used for supporting their movement when they're straddling a man and shaking their hips.

    Succubus' Moral Values[edit]

    From time immemorial, the succubi have been directly connected to having sex with men as a vital activity for feeding and reproduction, etc., and even among the lustful monsters, the race stands out as being especially debaucherous and hedonistic. Spending their time immersed in pleasure and providing it to others gives them more joy than anything else.

    Succubi basically view humans in a sexual manner, and they say attractive partners look “delicious” to them. Also, for succubi, being seen as a sex object by men is an extremely desirable thing. Being a lascivious creature who has more powerful carnal desire directed towards her is regarded as a condition for being a magnificent succubus.[3][4] Devoted to their desire for sex, they ravenously seek pleasure and sex with men, and are obsessed with it, but on the other hand, they hardly have any desire for or fixation on things like money, social status, honor, etc. Spending their time pleasurably having sex with their husband takes priority over anything, and unlike humans, they don't have moral values or social norms that impede this. Instead, situations such as clergymen indulging in pleasure, or men and women having sex when it is not permitted because of their status or blood-relatedness, are regarded as generating depraved pleasure, so they tend to enjoy destroying human moral values and social norms.

    They don't care much for formal, solemn atmospheres, instead preferring an open, hedonistic atmosphere so that they can easily invite men to have sex with them, therefore places where succubi gather naturally come to have such an atmosphere. In this way, they are beings lascivious and uninhibited enough to be worthy of the name succubus,[3][4] but the point they have in common with other monsters is that they think first of getting a husband to spend their life with. After getting a husband, they won't even bat an eye at another man. To them, their husband is “the one and only man”, and their lascivious nature will be aimed only at him.

    When obtaining a husband, many monsters will sexually assault men, and many prefer to use methods such as charming men through sex to obtain a husband. Of course, it's easy for succubi to enthrall men through sex, but they don't necessarily just attack according to their impulses and desires. For succubi, what brings them joy is immersing themselves in pleasure and at the same time providing it to their partner. For that reason, they're very particular about it. They don't just want to be the only one enjoying pleasure, and they tend to think about also having their partner genuinely drown in pleasure.

    Ultimately, it still ends in sex, but they try to make sure a man's “first time having sex with a succubus”[3][4] will be more wonderful and pleasurable for him. That way a man's body and mind will be imprinted with even stronger pleasure, and he won't be able to forget it. That way it will be accompanied by a more powerful shock and ecstasy of the kind which will change a man's values. And that way a man will greatly desire sex with a succubus[3][4] from the bottom of his heart. They carefully make preliminary preparations to provide the “best sex” for their future husband so that they can enjoy it together. For that reason, many succubi transform into human form, and lurk in towns where humans live, waiting for an opportunity to lure men into sex.

    It's said they also sometimes contact a man and deepen their relationship beforehand. The charming female traveler you met at the bar who gave you a suggestive look, and the simple and cute little girl at the general store who always soothes you with her smiles may possibly be succubi who are watching you the way a tiger watches its prey, aiming for more “delicious sex”.

    Succubus' Monsterization and Sisterly Relationships[edit]

    Succubi teach the fundamentals of succubus'[3][4] pleasure and techniques to those they consider cute younger sisters. The two will be close enough that they tease each others' bodies, and from what I've heard, it's not at all unusual for two sisters to end up having the same man as their husband.

    Among the monsters there exist some with the ability to “monsterize” human women by pouring their own mamono mana inside them. The succubus race is a typical example of that. By having sex with human women and pouring mamono mana inside them, they can convert them into succubi like themselves. To the succubi, being immersed in pleasure is the very definition of happiness, and it seems they tend to want to meddle when they see women ignorant of pleasure or women who aren't honest about their own desires. Thus, they will directly indoctrinate women's bodies with pleasure and change them into succubi through sex so that they become beautiful and lascivious beings just like themselves who can copulate with the men they love according to their own desires.

    In the succubus culture, they treat the women that they personally transformed into members of their own race as “younger sisters”, and the women who were transformed regard the succubi who monsterized them as “elder sisters”. It's not any sort of formal or hierarchical relationship, but in most cases, a monsterized woman will come to adore the partner who taught her the bliss of a succubus[3][4] who immerses herself in pleasure as “onee-sama.” Since it is in the nature of a succubus to take joy in providing pleasure to others, the desire to meddle so that their younger sisters can immerse themselves in pleasure arises naturally, and those who become “elder sisters” will actively assist their “younger sisters” in finding husbands.

    It seems that individuals who have developed this sort of “sisterly relationship” will often come to associate with each other like family most of the time. From what I've heard, things like this occur: younger sisters show off how lewdly they've developed to “onee-sama”, and elder sisters brag about what splendidly indulgent succubi[3][4] their younger sisters have become to other members of the same race.

    Succubus Culture[edit]

    As stated previously, succubi have a powerful obsession with sex and pleasure. Just as culinary culture is born from the act of eating and results in the emergence of gourmands, succubi do not merely have sex with men. Instead, it has changed so that they come up with various schemes for arriving at the end destination of “sex”, and they endeavor to make it so that the pleasure they enjoy with their husband is as potent as possible.

    There are numerous aspects of succubus' culture that were born in that way, but one of the most ubiquitous and typical examples is “making a room” for sex. While succubi do enjoy activities such as having sex in front of others or having sex outside, in succubus culture having a “bedroom” in which they can pleasantly copulate without being disturbed by anyone is viewed as one of the most essential things. Having a “room” ready for when they obtain a man is considered part of proper succubus etiquette. Some will make a bedroom in their home beforehand and link it with teleportation magic, while others will prepare a room at the location where they are lurking. Powerful succubi can even create another dimension on a small scale and take their men there.

    The idea is a room that a man should return to, so naturally it may be a comfortable room with a calming atmosphere, the kind of place where one would feel like staying, or it may be overflowing with a sensual atmosphere, illuminated by alluring lights with pleasant, sweet-smelling incense burning, to get a man in a horny mood. These bedrooms, decorated and arranged by succubi dreaming of having sex with their future husband, largely reflect the peculiar tastes of each individual.

    Developing further from this, there are “inns” and “brothels” run by succubi. The employees are succubi and other monsters, and the purpose of these establishments is to provide somewhere they can take men inside their bedrooms and have sex with them. Similar establishments exist all throughout the world. They are constructed near the entrances of mamono realms in the sort of places where humans visiting a mamono realm would want to stop and rest, and also, sometimes they even operate in human cities under the management of monsters disguised in human form, according to what some say. Additionally, even outside, sometimes there are secluded places artificially made invisible from the surroundings, cabins that have been kept tidy by someone, caves, and other such places, and some of these are places arranged by succubi so they can bring men there. Townscapes and structures made by monsters are dotted with numerous hidden alleys and tiny rooms which are meant to be used as places where they can bring men to have sex, and most of this is designed according to the plans of the clever succubi.

    The origins of this sort of culture can be traced all the way back to the age of the former mamono lords, a time when humans and monsters were mortal enemies who slaughtered each other. At the time, hardly any of the monsters had the forms of women, and they were monstrosities who just killed and ate humans. The succubi were no exception to the latter rule, either, and humans were nothing more than prey to the succubi of that era.

    Upon capturing a human man, in most cases, they would completely wring out every last drop of a man's essence, killing him. However, at some point in time certain succubi came up with the idea of keeping men as sex slaves, and started setting up prisons for that purpose. At first, even among the succubi, it was just some eccentric individuals who were doing this. Who knows what the succubi were thinking, but after that, the number of individuals who kept sex slaves in this manner began gradually increasing, and along with that, so too did the number of individuals who set up prisons. Prison hygiene, functionality, and so forth, also began to be considered highly important, perhaps for the sake of prolonging the lives of their sex slaves and milking higher quality essence, and these prisons transformed into “rooms”. Eventually, the current mamono lord took over, and after the monsters assumed their current forms, both ecologically and in terms of personality, the succubi stopped doing things like milking men to death. Since they started recognizing men as partners who they should share their lives with instead of viewing them as prey or sex slaves, their rooms also completely transformed from prisons for holding men captive into love nests for a husband and wife to spend time together.

    Other than this, there's a lot more to succubus culture concerning sex, but in most cases, since it is in their nature to actively become involved with humans, much of it has also been heavily influenced by contact with human culture. At any rate, they are beings devoted to desire who will directly pursue whatever they take a liking to. Basically, most of their desire ends up being directed towards sex with men. However, sometimes, their desire becomes directed towards other things as well. And in the case when those things turn out to be science, or arts and crafts, etc., the results are astounding. Succubi are avariciously and single-mindedly devoted to their desires, and it's said that they exhibit so much focus and ambition that it's as if the typical lazy hedonistic behavior were a lie.

    Sometimes the hearts of succubi are captivated by diverse and sophisticated handicrafts or works of art created by humans, and they end up studying under human craftsmen as apprentices. In fact, from what I've heard, there are also cases when technology and culture that was in the process of being lost due to the absence of a successor was salvaged by being carried on by succubi.

    But of course, being succubi, it seems that they always end up tying everything directly to sex, and it's said that when they see a wonderful work of art, their feelings of admiration and respect towards the creator will often unfortunately just end up changing into yearning and lust.

    Succubus' Racial Attire[edit]

    As far as monsters are concerned, clothing is not worn to protect or cover the body, but to beautifully and erotically adorn the body so that they can charm men more effectively. Succubus' clothing is intended to show off their lewd bodies and arouse carnal desire in men.

    Highly revealing, lustrous leather bondage bikinis, which just barely cover the crotch and breasts, are most preferred. This clothing designed to make them appear more licentious features a variety of heart marks which symbolize sexual love and signify temptation towards men, and popular accessories feature things like shiny metal and magic gems that gleam alluringly. It is functionally designed with the presumption that it will be worn during sex. A bondage bikini accentuates a succubus' voluptuous hips and bosom by tightly hugging her body, highlighting her indecency, yet still doesn't impede the jiggling of her breasts which entices men. Additionally, since it is worn directly on the bare skin, the interior is processed and acclimated with succubus' mamono mana, and the comfort and feeling of freedom are unhindered. Also, the body is enveloped in a pleasant warm glow, naturally facilitating sultry seductive behavior that entices men. It truly is clothing designed so that pleasurable sex can be had at the drop of a hat.

    The above-mentioned clothing, which is worn by the individual on the cover of this book and in the illustrations inside, is the “traditional racial attire” of the succubus race, but succubus' outfits actually differ depending on the culture of the land and individual taste. Overall, what they share in common is that highly revealing outfits tend to be preferred.

    Among the succubi, even the kind of gorgeous dresses worn by those with ranks of nobility tend to be highly revealing around the breasts and the back, and boldly revealing in the middle, with what appears to be underwear that barely covers anything. Such dresses are considered proper traditional succubus' formal attire, however, when you get right down to it, the purpose of wearing it is to mesmerize men, therefore there are also individuals who prefer outfits which aren't revealing at all and don't even look like succubus attire at first glance, emphasizing cuteness and simplicity over sexiness to better suit their own particular charm.

    Furthermore, no matter how highly revealing they may be, outfits that expose the nipples and vagina are seldom seen. It seems that emphasizing “the loveliness of one's clothes” is also one of those things succubi have an erotic obsession about.

    Succubus' History[edit]

    The birth of the succubus' race dates all the way back to the age of the former mamono lords. At the time, the race known as “demons” was exhausting every means possible to bring about the eradication of humanity, and from among them emerged the progenitors who started using lust as a means to destroy humans, splintering off into the “succubus” race.

    Even back then, they possessed high mamono mana as well as the sexual techniques to easily enthrall men, but power was everything in the age of the former mamono lords, and we certainly cannot say that the succubi were high-ranked, since they lacked direct martial power and mainly resorted to underhanded tricks. They were treated as mid-ranked demons and there were not too many of them.

    Even at the time, the succubi were a capricious and uninhibited race who usually attacked men as they pleased. It is said that they were occasionally convened by higher rank monsters and employed to maneuver behind the scenes to accomplish tasks such as charming heroes and champions difficult to defeat with power, or emasculating the sovereigns of human kingdoms. They kept themselves separate from the horde of other races who consumed human flesh, since they did not share this trait, and the succubi[3][4] alone achieved a unique evolution, and began adopting behaviors and thought patterns that were unseen in other races, such as keeping humans as livestock instead of outright killing them.

    The era progressed, and the single most powerful individual from among the succubi ended up ascending to the throne of the mamono lord. For the throne to fall to her, she would have needed to triumph and survive the mutual slaughter-fest held by all the monsters to decide the next mamono lord. Since the succubus' race was fundamentally inferior in terms of pure martial power, the birth of a mamono lord from among them was extremely exceptional, supposedly occurring for the very first time in history.

    Furthermore, even though there were small-scale skirmishes, this time there was no large-scale mutual slaughter, yet she was still able to bring the monsters together somehow, which we can say was also unprecedented. As for how the advent of the succubus mamono lord came to pass, she had the cooperation of the greatest human hero of that age, who is also currently her husband. Other than that, there is whispering of a theory which claims that some divinities may have also intervened on her behalf.

    As of the present, the power of a succubus has been distributed to all the other races by this mamono lord. Due to that, the monsters now all have the forms of beautiful women, and have transformed into beings that live together with human men as their partners instead of killing and eating humans. And so, the age in which power was everything came to an end. The age of the succubus, in which the ability to charm and obtain a man is most highly valued, has arrived. The succubi, who possess a variety of techniques for enthralling a man's heart and body, are now respected and looked up to by all monsters.

    During this era, the number of succubi has increased dramatically, and they have become much more powerful beings through storing up mana by continuously copulating with their partners. They are treated as high-ranked fiends, and have become the race exemplary of monsters in name and fact, yet even now, the succubi are as capricious and uninhibited as ever, opting to search for a husband as they see fit and enjoy sex rather than to subjugate other races.

    Translation note: The reference to how the cooperation of the human hero was essential to her reign as mamono lord need not contradict the sequence of events referred to in MGE volume 1 (wherein she gained the status of mamono lord shortly before she met her husband), but rather is more likely referencing how his cooperation was essential to her cementing her position and maintaining it when the chief god tried to kill her, as well as how being married to him has allowed her to increase her power and spread her realm.[4]

    The Involvement of Succubi with Society[edit]

    A rough sketch of succubi by the monster scholar.

    The succubi are an extremely individualistic race. They hardly have any sense of belonging to a collective such as a society, nation, or organization. They only participate in groups for personal benefits or because they're fond of the group and its leader or members. Succubi like what they like and hate what they hate, and this extends to society and other individuals. If it's someone they're fond of, they'll serve them affectionately, but if it's someone they hate, they won't even bother to get involved. When it comes to socializing, they are mostly true to their own desires. The same trend continues, even in the case of the mamono lord, who is supposed to be the absolute ruler of the monsters. Although the succubi do have feelings of awe and adoration towards her, they still prioritize their own husband, so it's pretty far from absolute obedience.

    Presently, they're the most prosperous race of all monsters, and since they are kin to the mamono lord, we can say that the succubus' race is extremely high-ranked among monsters. However, despite their number and importance, the succubi do not subjugate other races, nor is it common for them to have high positions in states or organizations, and they don't even act conceited about the fact that they are succubi. It's because succubi are hardly interested in things other than that which they desire, namely sex. Plus, their own social status is meaningless to them. In succubus' society, one's personal worth is determined by her beauty and lasciviousness, and spending her time immersed in pleasure. Even when they do outwardly boast of their own status, most succubi do so by showing off “how much they are desired by their husband and how indecently they're living”.

    In this manner, the succubi prioritize their own pleasure over contributing to society, yet even so, they play a crucially vital role among monsters. Formerly, in the age when monsters were man-eating horrors that slaughtered humans, most races of monsters lacked intelligence and emotion, living like wild beasts in the fields and mountains. Only the very few races who possessed high intelligence established towns, etc. and lived under “civilization”. But when monsters transformed into their current state as beautiful women, every monster then obtained intelligence and emotion, and most monsters ended up joining “civilization”.

    Most monsters who had lived in the wild until then were ignorant of civilization, but due to having been endowed with the power of a succubus[3][4] by the mamono lord, they instinctively knew how to obtain a human man; however, it was extremely difficult for them to prepare a place where they could live with their men after that. It was the succubi who assisted them in the midst of that confusion. The succubi had already been keeping men as livestock since the age of the former mamono lords, so they were knowledgeable about the details of human ecology and how to make a place where humans could live healthily. They prepared optimal environments for bringing their human men to live as husband and wife, and many monster states, villages, and so on, were established.

    Additionally, most of the men who had been kept by succubi became their husbands just like that, and when the foundations of monster states, villages, and so on, were laid, having been able to receive the cooperation of these creative human men with their knowledge of civilization and technology is also purported to have been a huge boon. From the succubi's point of view, it could be interpreted that they simply arbitrarily created towns and societies where it would be easier for them to live to suit themselves, but since all monsters have the nature of a succubus,[3][4] these turned out to be very suitable for the other monsters as well. From the very beginning, succubi were a race that easily became involved with humans, so they actively accumulated knowledge of human society and culture, transmitted it to monsters, and modified it to be more preferable to them. In this way, succubi are the race that brought about most of the cultural and social developments in monster civilization.



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