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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Slime / Semiliquid
    Mist Continent, caves, underground
    Human men's semen, sweat, saliva, etc.
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    October 11th, 2023
    kurobinega.sakura.ne.jp - Taisui

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A race peculiar to the mist continent which have a bizarre appearance with countless eyeball like organs all over their bodies. They just keep moving slowly underground almost as if following along a set path and do not appear on the surface of their own will. Therefore, unmarried individuals only appear before people in limited cases, such as when someone discovers a Taisui's path and deliberately digs her up, when someone wanders into a subterranean cavern that just happens to intersect a Taisui's path, and so forth. In this way, they are quite a rare race, but the slime itself that makes up their bodies is regarded as a precious "elixir", so many people look for them.

    Due to similarities such as having a body comprised of slime, they are regarded as a variety of Slime, but much is unclear about their ecology, so whether or not they are really Slimes is debated. The most noteworthy point is that they are highly intelligent. It is said that if you could correctly understand a Taisui's words, then you could even uncover the fundamental truths of the world. However, their behavior is bizarre and mysterious, and they often use words and expressions that are incomprehensible. They're probably too advanced for an ordinary person to understand.

    There's not one bit of ferocity in their behavior towards men. They don't even do things like seizing and restraining men with their slimy bodies. On the other hand, it is said that they use countless mysterious powers, and they can even foresee the very moment when a man will appear before them. If such is the case, then in other words, if a man even encounters one, it means he's already definitely been determined to be her prey. Of course, there is no escaping the countless gazes of a Taisui. They say a man subjected to that power will lose his sanity and begin acting strangely. For instance, he'll gradually strip, embrace the Taisui, and rub his naked body against her. He'll stick his penis in her face and indulge in masturbation until releasing semen on her face. Strange things like that. Not only will she accept these strange behaviors towards herself with zero resistance, she'll even use her own body to increase the man's pleasure and induce ejaculation. The man will repeat these strange behaviors as a Taisui will make no attempt to get away even after that. Instead of settling down, before long, the man will even go so far as to suddenly commit an act of violence and thrust his penis inside her slimy body. He will then continuously pour his essence inside the Taisui. Since a Taisui will accept it like it's only natural, perhaps they even foresee that such men will become beings that will constantly pour essence inside them. Furthermore, since this ability is overwhelmingly powerful, it can even influence humans and monsters besides their prey in the surrounding area. For instance, I heard a certain monster began acting strangely. She stuck her face in the crotch of her husband who was walking next to her and started rubbing it against his penis. And she wouldn't stop even after her husband repeatedly ejaculated and covered her face in semen. Until coming back to her senses, she just kept rubbing her cheeks against it with an ecstatic expression. Other than cases like that one, the strange behavior only comes over men pursuing monsters or husbands of monsters, so it can be inferred that it is a sort of power that reduces amorous inhibitions towards nearby monsters or towards one's spouse.

    Additionally, as previously mentioned, their meat, or rather, slime is considered to be "an elixir that grants super human intelligence" by consuming it. It is believed that the power of the elixir adapts to the body better the more you have sex with them, so it's absolute necessary to become a Taisui's husband to gain the benefits, but the power is tremendous, so those who become their husbands mostly go down in history as sages or xian. With the intelligence acquired in this way, one could correctly understand their difficult and profound words that no ordinary person could, and it would be possible to hold a conversation at the same level. The true power of the elixir is to enable thoughts and knowledge to be shared between husband and wife.

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