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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Succubus / Fairy
    Forests, The Fairy Kingdom
    Gentle, docile, simple
    Men's Essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    September 2, 2015
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Titania

    Encyclopedia Entry

    The queens of the fairies that rule the fairy kingdoms. Unlike ordinary fairies, their bodies are roughly the same size as humans. Their beauty is breathtaking, and they have beautifully sparkling wings on their back. They have amiable personalities full of kindness, and aside from assuming the duty of protecting and guiding the fairies, they also play with them; so they're kind of like big sisters to the childish fairies too.

    Their bodies are mostly made up of magical energy, and even among the fairy family, they possess an exceptionally high amount of magic power. By praying, they can heal the wounds of all the fairies, and they can protect the fairies from all manners of danger with their protection spells. If someone is attacking the fairies, they can quell malice and animosity using magic. After being pacified, before they know it, assailants will find themselves playing with the fairies. Originally they were not monsters, but individuals that have changed into succubi due to the influence of mamono mana are treated as monsters.

    Sprites are full of curiosity about pleasurable games they can play with their men - their queens are no exception. As the titanias make lovely sport with men, other sprites are apt to come join the fun.

    Their elegant appearance gives off an adult impression, but in actuality, just like ordinary fairies, they are mentally childish, and they love fun games and delicious sweets. They style themselves as big sisters, but on the other hand, they like to be spoiled, and they will sulk if not treated in that manner.

    Due to their childish personalities, they're very curious about new ways of playing introduced by monsters, and if taught indecent games by a “fairy” turned monster, or a pixie that slipped inside, etc. they soon become engrossed in sexual pleasure, absorb mamono mana the way a flower absorbs water, and acquire succubus powers. And after transforming into a lascivious being, they become a powerful succubus while retaining their charms as fairy queen and acquiring the charm of a child that openly and genuinely seeks pleasure.

    After becoming monsters they like to get themselves off, and they love to pleasure men as well. Originally, they would act in a queen-like manner towards humans, but individuals that have become monsters will not behave like a queen when dealing with human men. Instead, they will reveal their true nature and behave as gentle and childish big sisters.

    When they take the lead during sex, they behave almost as if teaching a little kid a new game. The hearts of men affected by their queenly charms will be filled with a sense of ease, rendering them completely vulnerable and unable to resist the sweet, gentle pleasure they will be given. When their hands gently stroke a swollen, angry penis, it is as if they were patting the head of a child throwing a tantrum. When their vagina gently envelops the penis, along with pleasure, a man will experience a comforting feeling of reassurance as if caught in a gentle, but firm embrace. He will then be led to orgasm after orgasm again and again, powerless to resist. When an erection won't subside even after several ejaculations, they will take it inside their body, as if comforting a child that burst into tears, and, as if putting an exhausted teary child to bed, they will continue the obscene embrace until the man passes out after being milked of every last drop of semen.

    If these fairy queens learn to play with their husband using their body, they will spread knowledge of the game throughout their fairy kingdom in order to make it a more fun and enjoyable place. Even fairies that had not yet become monsters will develop an interest in human men, one after another, and become enthralled by the indecent game. They will actively invite human men to become husbands of the fairies, and invite monsters other than fairies as well, and the fairy kingdom will transform into a monster realm where fairies can get off every day while indecently playing with men.

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