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    Book informations[edit]

    Refer to: Monster Girl Encyclopedia II

    The Realm of Fire and Monsters[edit]

    Certain monster races are adapted to live in environments that are typically inhospitable to humans. The fiery locales described in these pages, places that would likely burn humans to ash (such as amidst flames or in the heart of a volcano), are ones monsters strut through with pride. An environment's harshness correlates to the difficulty humans have making a home there - as well as to the totality of the monsters' control. As might be expected, the relationship between humans and monsters is quite different in such regions when compared to others.

    Monsters Wreathed in Fire[edit]

    Monsters who live in volcanic regions have a high tolerance for fire. Some wear flaming cloaks about their bodies, others have robust forms that are unaffected by high temperatures or fire, while still others are made of fire or lava. This hardiness of body is, perhaps, due to the harshness of their habitat, and many such monsters are themselves as wild and violent as flame. Their bodies and abilities are two factors that make them resistant to heat and flame, but their mamono mana (p.8), adapted to life in high temperatures, is of no small help. Such monsters draw the heat of their surroundings into them, feeding the internal heat of their carnal glow and spiritual elation. The warmer it is, the more alive and viciously sensual they become, spurred on by this cycle of invigorating heat.

    Under normal circumstances, if one of these monsters attempted to mate with a man in such a hot, volcanic environment, the rapid, heat-induced loss of moisture and stamina would be a far more pressing concern to him than coitus. However, the energy of a heat-tolerant monster protects his body during intercourse: if the monster's body is pressed close to his, her mana absorbs the heat of her rapture and converts it to a healthy glow. The man is isolated from the ravaging blaze outside so he can focus on the seething fire of a female body in heat - not to mention the uncontrollable lust that boils up within his own body. The two couple in comfortable heat and perspiration, apparently unsinged by the external heat; instead, it just enhances the heat and excitement of their junction. Drawing close to another would normally be suffocating in such climes, but the embrace of monsters who live in high-temperature regions changes circumstances dramatically. A man may find that embracing a monster skin-to-skin from head to toe, as if displaying their heat for all to see, is in fact more comfortable than remaining alone.

    As a result of time spent mating with a monster, agitating the climate's already blistering air, the man absorbs a continuous stream of heat and mamono mana. The two powers forge him into an incubus adapted to live in the monster's scorching habitat. Not only is his new body resistant to heat and flame like hers, but it, too, converts external heat to internal - meaning he can thrive without any regard to the temperature, whether copulating or not. The heat that radiates from his body's elevated temperature intensifies the flush of his monstrous companion's body, increasing her vitality. The man can also absorb the heat of his partner's body to feed his own vitality, so they can exalt in each other's heat, glow, and life with just a simple touch.

    People Close to Fire[edit]

    Major cities in the distant vicinity of volcanoes usually fall under the sphere of the Order of the Chief God - but as one ventures deeper into the mountains toward a volcano, hidden villages emerge that are little touched by the influence of the Order, instead following faiths they have developed themselves. As a result of the fire mountain's heat, and the ever-present threat of eruption, these faiths tend to be rooted deeply in the concept of fire. For example: some worship the elemental of fire - the ignis (MGEI, p.222) - or the element of fire itself. Others worship the monsters living in the volcano as gods of fire, which sometimes leads their people to offer their bodies to the monsters.

    Some fear these monsters, as many of them are vicious, but antipathy is generally muted - perhaps because of the Order of the Chief God's limited reach. The deeper one travels into the mountains, the more accepting the villagers' attitudes towards monsters become. Approaching the crater of the volcano, an area one would hardly expect humans could survive in, is a great city of monsters who think nothing of the heat, living alongside their incubus companions.

    Because of its proximity to molten rock, the city is occasionally beset by extremely high temperatures; because of its mountainous location, the elevation of its steps and drops can be rather staggering. An ordinary human would find life in such a city most challenging, yet the monsters and incubi do not see such complications as problems. In fact, the harsh location makes it inhospitable for people of the Order - which in turn means that it is a safe, comforting home for the monsters and their companions, free from the threat of enemies.

    The precious minerals found in volcanoes have brought dwarf (MGEI, p.102) and cyclops (MGEI, p.122) blacksmiths to their locales; industrial development proceeds as facilities are built to exploit both the element of fire and the volcano's geothermal heat. The close relationship between volcanoes and monsters can be found in other aspects, too. Usually, fire element accumulates over a long period until an eruption occurs - however, volcanic action tends to settle when a large population of monsters lives nearby. Ignes and lava golems are born through an association of mana, the fire element, and lava - a process that siphons force from the volcano and helps prevent eruptions. In the case of especially large and dangerous volcanoes, the Mamono Lord is said to dispatch balrogs - great fiends girdled in hellfire - to take control of the volcano before it erupts.


    These mamono in particular are said to live in the volcanic regions in their profile. This doesn't include the Dwarf and the Cyclops, who are stated to live in these regions but do not have this information in their profile.

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