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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Zombie / Undead
    Graveyards, ruins
    Men's essence
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    August 15, 2013
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Wight

    Encyclopedia Entry

    Undead raised from the corpses of a few superior individuals such as royalty and heroes. They are high-rank undead that control numerous other undead, and those powerful wights that rule over an especially great number of undead sometimes create mamono realms of everlasting night known as “undead kingdoms,” and reign as monarchs of the undead. They have decadent, alluring beauty and high intelligence, and they behave with elegance and dignity, as they believe they should. However their bodies are full of lust, and they look at human men with raw passion in their eyes. They don’t randomly attack men that they like, but most who are tempted by them will have their hearts stolen by their devilish nature. They will desire to win their favor, and try to become theirs on their own. Most of them rarely show themselves in human domains, secluding themselves in a world of everlasting night, leading an elegant and lewd life full of pleasure with their male partner.

    A wight never loses her graceful dignity, not even when bathed in white slime. Her magic-infused caresses make her man's member feel like it is being sucked-even when she is using naught but her hand.

    They excel not only at handling a man’s body and soul, but his “essence” as well. They can even freely manipulate the absorption of essence and the pleasure that accompanies it. During sex, they deliberately sip essence bit by bit through everything from the gentle touch of each and every one of their fingers, to close contact with their soft skin.  As this takes place, the pleasure experienced by the man isn’t just physical. Even his soul will melt sweetly. They’ll captivate a man’s heart, and they won’t let go. Furthermore, they can steal almost all of a person’s essence just by touching them. If there’s a hostile individual, they can make them faint and collapse as if kneeling before them by just barely touching them with a fingertip due to the exhaustion and overwhelming pleasure of having all of one’s essence taken out. If it’s a human woman, then the essence stolen from her body will be replaced by the wight’s irrepressible mamono mana, and she’ll turn into a wildly lustful undead, a loyal servant of the wight.

    Zombies,” the quintessential undead, regain more of their looks from when they were among the living the more essence they gain.  Eventually, they can even surpass their former beauty. Wights, which were beautiful to begin with, are even more remarkable and as they have repeated intercourse with their partner, their body and soul become stained with the essence of their beloved, as they indulge in pleasure, the allure of their beauty increases even more. In the undead kingdoms, there is a high society where notable undead from around the world periodically gather accompanied by their husbands, the wights being the first among them. Sometimes, evening parties are held by these undead. At these gatherings, the wights ostentatiously display their own beauty to those around them, they also show off how deeply they love their partner, how their days are spent having sex and what an indulgent individual they are.

    Additionally, it is said that zombies may transform into “wights” by having frequent sex with their husband, sipping essence, and storing up vast mamono mana.  These newly-born wights receive invitations to the undead kingdoms from out of nowhere, and they’re invited to join high society with a very hospitable welcome.

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