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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Dragon / Reptile
    Mountainous areas,Caves
    Carnivorous, local wildlife
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    September 3, 2012
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Wyvern

    Encyclopedia Entry

    With both arms being huge wings, this Dragon species is known as the “Wyvern.” With the same powers as other dragons, this variety can also return to the form it had before the current Mamono Lord’s ascension. While its physical strength is inferior to a dragon’s, its huge wings give it exceptional abilities in the air, able to turn much tighter and outdistance its cousin when it comes to speed.

    Unlike the dragon, they are neither haughty nor prideful, never looking down on humans. However, they are heavily driven by their monstrous instincts, have an abrasive personality, and are very willing to attack human men if they want to copulate. When they desire a mate they will take to the skies and circle a large area, and when they finally spot a man they like they will initiate an attack by diving out of the air and swooping down onto the man. They will then pin the man with their strong legs and begin to ravish him. Afterwards they will take the man back to their home and zealously copulate with him, their goal being to bear the man’s children.

    It is common for knights who attempt to make wyverns their steeds to end up being ridden by them all day, every day, in the monsters' diligent pursuit of procreation.

    Knights, called “Dragoons,” are known to use dragons as their mounts instead of regular horses. Dragons, though, despite being the iconic representatives of their race, rarely do this, their pride making it a Herculean task to convince one to let you ride her. While dragons lend their name to the “Dragoons,” the lack of the typical draconic haughtiness in Wyverns means that they are actually the more common mount amongst dragon knights. However, while a dragon mount is fairly tractable, a Wyvern’s abrasive nature, their inclination to start fights, and desire to straddle their knight once they themselves are straddled can make them difficult to manage. Even a married couple can find it difficult to manage their duties as knight and mount.

    If a knight attempts to mount a wild Wyvern, there will be a struggle about whom the superior is and who will be “mounted.” If you fail in your attempt to gain dominance, she will instead mount you every day, squeezing out your semen as she rides you. A safer method than this is to obtain a Wyvern’s egg and train her from a young age to act as a dragon’s mount.

    In order for a knight and his Wyvern mount to become one and improve cooperation, it is crucial that they spend a lot of time together and develop a more loving and trusting relationship by having plenty of close physical contact. For such reasons, in some countries that produce many dragoons, children who will be dragoons in the future are brought up together with the Wyvern children who will become their mounts. As childhood friends, fiances, brother and sister, or master and servant, eventually love will blossom, they will become sweethearts and eventually marry. By nurturing this love for as long as possible, they gain a strong understanding of one another, creating the strongest dragon knight pairings.

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