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    Monster Information
    Family / Type
    Fox / Beastman
    Forests, mountains, human settlements
    Aggressive, lustful, egoistic
    Omnivorous, but prefers meat
    Meta Information
    Release Date
    February 8, 2009
    kurobine.sakura.ne.jp - Youko

    Encyclopedia Entry

    A beastman type monster with the characteristics of a fox. Beside living in forests and mountainous areas, many of them slip into human settlements with a man who strikes their fancy after charming and enthralling him.

    Their lust swells in proportion to the number of tails. They will continue having sex with men without being satisfied until all of their tails get stained completely white by semen.

    Monsters are basically lustful, but the Youko stands out as being particularly lustful even among them. When they spot a man they like, they aggressively attack, having wild and obscene sex with him. They accumulate mamono mana on this occasion by obtaining essence from the man. Their tails are a symbol of high mamono mana, the higher their mamono mana is and the more they have sex with men, the more they increase in number until they reach 9.

    Also, the immensity of their lust is proportional to how many tails they have. With only a single tail, they're not much different from other monsters, but as their tails increase in number, their minds become occupied with thoughts of pleasure and sex with men. By the time they reach 9 tails, they end up thinking mostly about having sex with men, whether awake or sleeping. Their main concern is how to have sex with men and how to enjoy pleasure. They spend much of their time having sex with men except when sleeping.

    Men whom they've taken a liking to that have started to live with them and periodically have sex with them will end up possessing high abilities and high lust due to the influence of their mamono mana. Due to these heightened abilities, it appears that those chosen to be their husbands are commonly found in high positions in human society, such as statesmen.

    Individuals with 9 tails are called "Kyuubi-no-kitsune" (Nine tailed foxes) and it is said that their vast mamono mana is even comparable to that of a god. Their mamono mana can't be completely contained within their body and it's constantly being released around them. When exposed to this magical energy, human rationality diminishes and lust increases. Monsters become ferocious and along with that, monsters such as succubi gather. Ultimately a nation of monsters will form centered around the Kyuubi-no-kitsune, where they'll have an orgy of pleasure day and night.

    They're also called "keikou-no-bijo" (women so beautiful they can steal a ruler's heart and put the nation in danger) and it's certainly true that they will cause human order to crumble and a country to transform, with the order of the monsters, consumed by pleasure focused around them and their husband, replacing it.

    In the uncivilized "Mist Continent," it is said that kyuubi-no-kitsune rule and a devilish paradise that we can say is truly debaucherous is spreading, where humans and monsters are consumed with thoughts of having sex according to their desires, they can enjoy pleasure and copulation all day every day whether awake or sleeping.

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